5 Ways To Feel Happy Everyday

5 Ways to feel Happy Everyday

Who knew how important and challenging this year would be especially with working and living from home 24hrs a day (part from our daily walks and popping to the shops!). If lockdown has taught us anything, it’ be to slow down and may have given you the time needed to find you, self love and finding ways to feel happy everyday – this definitely was the case for me! Over the last year I have tried so many things to try and find a happy place and here are 5 ways to feel happy everyday.

1 | Candles

I light candles everyday all around the house first thing in the morning and I leave them on all day. My favourite candles include Sand and Fox and Jo Malone. The gorgeous candle in the image above is by Ayuri (kindly gifted to me! – thank you!) which is an Ayurvedic scented candle which helps balance your energy – love that!.

2 | Incense sticks

Lighting incense has been an obsession of mine that has grown over the last year. Incense sticks always remind me of my parent’s house – such a happy place! Incense sticks instantly bring calm, plus make your house smell so lovely and bring all the happy vibes as they purify the air! I LOVE incense sticks from Temple of incense – they are a game changer!

3 | ‘Me’ time

I know this may sound weird at a time when we aren’t seeing enough of our family and friends, but working all day and then face timing friends and family can be exhausting. If you can find even just 10-15 minutes where you are doing something that you love – just for you e.g. having a coffee while reading a magazine, listening to music, watching Netflix. Remember when you are feeling ‘happy’ then it’ll rub off on others! Self care is not selfish!

4 | Mediate

Omg, I can’t tell you enough how much meditating everyday has changed my life – I am a better person for it! I love going into another world that’s filled with calm. peace, love and all of my dreams! I usually do guided meditations in the morning and before bed (depending on how tired I am!) – Give it a go – it’s amazeballs!

5 | Gratitude

If you do nothing from this list but this everyday you will be a happy bunny! It’s fact – you cannot show gratitude and be sad at the same time! Start with jotting your gratitudes down in a note book – start with 3 but there’s no maximum – I sometimes write pages of things I am grateful for and it’ll keep me beaming all day long – The key is to keep your vibe high. If you fancy something a little more structured then try a gratitude journal – I use the Five Minute Journal!


If you fancy seeing more – take a look at the Valentine’s Day ‘Self Care Edit’

I hope you enjoyed the 5 ways to feel happy everyday tips that work amazingly for me and I hope they do for you too.

Love, Nillie

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