Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! The day filled with red and pink I always buy cards and celebrate with my husband, kids, parents and friends. I love them all and why not spread the love and show them how much I care on this special day. Now before you say, ‘but you should always show them how much you love them’ it’s just not the reality! I say ‘I love you’ everyday, but I don’t make Nutella pancakes or watch Valentine movies while sipping on rose lager everyday, but I will today because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Apart from loving them, today is the day that I love myself a little bit more, it’s all about the self love right? Today is the day that you can spoil yourself with self care and a few love tokens, so here’s a love letter to myself (and you!)

Love Letter

Dear Me,

Have I told you lately how much I love you? There are so many reasons why I am so grateful to you. I may have not told you this before but I love you for just being you. You embrace and love life to the fullest, see life as an amazing journey that should be filled with happy moments everyday. I will never forget the day when you realised how awesome you really are and started your journey to self love. The day you realised your dreams and how they were all in your vortex and in your reality. I love your dreams and how driven you are to make them all a reality! I am so excited to experience life with this soul!

I am so grateful to you for always being there for me, keeping me healthy and happy, and for growing 2 beautiful children. I love your smile and your geeky laugh. You make me giggle everyday and I love how you sing and dance around the house all the time, without a care in the world.

You are a badass and I hope you realise how absolutely beautiful you are. Today I want you to spoil yourself with a bubble bath, a glazed donut and a marathon of your favourite films (so SATC it is then!)

Love you the most,


This letter is also dedicated to everyone who needs the love! Write down all the things you love about you and make them dreams come true. (if you would like to take the self love journey to the next level, take a peek at ‘How to set goals for 2021’

Self Care Edit

The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her also has some fabulous ideas to gift yourself.

Happy Valentine’s day to you all. May you have a day filled with love!

Love Nillie


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