Top 10 products from 2020

Top 10 Products from 2020

Apart from the usual, my year is always filled with trying to find the ultimate products to add to my skincare and makeup. However I have come to realise there is no such thing as the ‘ultimate’ product and they can change from year to year, even month to month, so if you are thinking about trying some new bits in 2021, here are my top 10 products from 2020.

1| REN Clean Skincare Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser

This cleanser initially feels like thick petroleum Jelly which dissolves the makeup and then turns milky when you add water. I use a face cloth to take off the excess and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. The cleanser removes waterproof makeup and SPF which is a win win in my eyes.

2| Rose Quartz face roller

So I fell for the face roller craze and I have loved every second! I use the face roller to massage my face which helps to reduce puffy under eyes. You can use the roller as your last step in your skincare to help distribute product and give your face a massage. Top tip – place the roller in the fridge so it’s cold when you use it on the face – it’s amazing in the summer!

3| NARS bronzer (Casino)

If you have found it tricky finding the right bronzer then you need to look no further. This bronzer is so easy to blend and I love how it makes my skin look. It just gives my face a little colour and dimension when I have put foundation or tinted moisturiser on. NARS have launched more bronzer shades and finishes and I’m loving the look of Sun Wash diffusing bronzer in Casino for the summer.

4| NARS Blush (Orgasm)

This blush and shade is amazing and I have used it pretty much everyday since the beginning of 2020 – it’s my go to blush! The shade is the perfect pink with a glow – so pretty! If you fancy knowing more, you can take a look here for my first impressions.

5| Chanel Soleil Tan Bronze Universel

Guys I took so long buying this product because I wasn’t sure if it would show up on my skin tone. The cream bronzer gives my skin such a subtle flush of colour and such a beautiful glow – It’s so pretty. The bronze is a perfect base for powder bronzer and I honestly cannot wait to wear this even more during the summer.

6| Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

The best! that is all! Gosh this foundation is just so beautiful and gives your skin such a lovely dewy finish. It is full coverage but I add a pump to my moisturiser when I want a more everyday look and it’s just gorgeous!

7| Glossier Futuredew

Glossier describe Futuredew as a oil serum hybrid and honestly that’s the only way to describe it. I initially wasn’t sure about this but omg how wrong I was! Futuredew makes my skin look so dewy and beautiful and it’s not sticky at all. I add a pump of this to Luminous Silk and I can’t even describe in words how beautiful it looks together. I always get compliments when I wear this. If you want to know more on the Luminous Silk – Futuredew combo then click here.

8| Becca Under Eye Brightening corrector

I can’t live without this product! It’s my holy grail and if you struggle to cover dark circle and want to cover them (nothing wrong with dark circles!) then give this a go! It has a pinky/peach undertone which will help correct dark circles and then just add your concealer on top.

9|Olaplex Shampoo and conditioner

Guys this shampoo and conditioner has changed the condition of my hair. My hair looks and feels so much more healthier and it’s all down to this. You only need a tiny amount of shampoo for an incredible lather and again a small amount of conditioner only on the ends. If you are still on a hunt for a shampoo and conditioner then give this a whirl!. You can read more on my first impressions here.

10| This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

This sleep spray is lovely if you have any trouble with falling asleep. This works wonders for me and I drop off to sleep very quickly once I spray this. It has a very relaxing aromatherapy smell which I’m vibin’!

So there you have it, my top 10 products from 2020 – do you use any of these? What are your top 10 products from 2020?

Love Nillie


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