How to set goals for 2021

Now that we are in 2021, you might (may have already) be thinking about your goals for the next year. You may have set resolutions in the past but felt very restricted and gave up. Well, let’s face it, we never keep resolutions right?. Instead you might want to set goals and they can change during the year depending on what is happening in your life. Once you have set your goals then you can create a vision board – We will talk more about goals and vision board a little later. But first, we need to create the tone – an important step in how to set goals for 2021.

Before setting your goals

Start with reflecting on your last year and all the amazing things that happened and things that you want to let go of. These can include feelings, thoughts and habits that are no longer serving you. This step is so important because you don’t want to take forward anything that is not working for you.

Top tip – I would definitely recommend doing this every month when it’s the full moon even if all it does is make you feel good. This helps me do better and learn from the month before!).

Setting your goals

1| Now you are ready to set your goals for different aspects of your life. You can do this in so many different ways e.g. writing a list of goals within different categories e.g. career, relationships, health or key areas you want to focus on. The ‘post it’ goal setting method is also fun (I first got introduced to this by Jen tAkin – Jen has a video on You Tube on how she does it and I follow a similar method).

So first start with thinking about the main vibe you want to set for the next year e.g. happy, love, success, productivity, family etc. This will give you something to focus on and help guide your vision and goals.

2| Once you have your ‘vibe’ then complete these questions (answer as if money is no barrier and you could not fail). You can write long term goals (life time) and goals for the next year (I do both and usually write these on different pages).

(I love doing this activity because I just go wild – Dream your biggest dreams!)

3| Using the same time frame method you can complete the sentences below:-

Just to add when completing ‘I want to be’ you can write this as a career goal or personal e.g I want to be compassionate, less judgemental, happy. You can add a time to your goals e.g. in 3 months or at the end of the year.

Then pick your favourite goals or choose them all and create a vision board.

Vision Board

A vision board is literally a dream board with images and affirmations that motivate and inspire you to achieve your dreams/desires/goals.

Pop onto Pinterest and download any images or cut pictures from magazines that relate to your goals. You can then add them to your virtual board or create a collage (I use Canva). If you are cutting out pictures then stick them on a board ( I think a gold wire grid is cute).

Remember your vision board can change if your goals change and you may have some that are long term and some that are short – it’s all okay! What ever floats your boat! The key is that you look at the board everyday and remember the vibe you want to feel while looking at the pictures – visualise and feel your goals as though they have already happened!

If you want to take this a little further, then you can use scripting and journaling – write as though they have already happened e.g. if you want a new car, then say ‘ I am so grateful for my new car, I love driving it to work and listening to my favourite music while waiting in traffic. I love the feeling of the steering wheel and seats etc.

(I usually create 2 boards – one ultimate dream and one for the year)

How to set goals for 2021

(Images via Pinterest)

This is an example of a vision board and the goals may be:

  • Eat more healthy foods
  • Start practising yoga
  • Meditate everyday
  • Travel to Maldives and watch the sunset and have a flower bath in Bali (actually my dream! – anyone else?)

It’s also great to add quotes, words or affirmations that inspire and motivate you. If you have lots of goals then just create a bigger board. If you create a digital board then create a smaller board with key goals, that you can set it as your phone screen saver. This means you can see your vision every time you reach for your phone.

Final thoughts on setting goals for 2021

The key is to be grateful for what you have, be happy and be committed to your dreams and the rest will fall into place.

If you haven’t tried setting goals or using a vision board before I would honestly say give it a go – you have nothing to loose but everything to gain! Setting goals at the beginning of the year is super fun so enjoy every second – that’s what life is about! Now you know what to do, you can show your friends and family how to set goals for 2021. Spread the word so as many of us are living our dream.

Thanks for reading and I hope you now know how to set goals for 2021. I would really love to know how you get on with setting your goals for 2021. Please holla if you have any questions – You can leave a comment or DM on Instagram.

Love, Nillie


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